Thank you all for a wonderful cooperation. 
See you in another project.

Summary of the project

We ended our project after one and a half year cooperation. It was a great experience and the effects are impressive. We invite you to use gathered materials.

This blog will be still opened for new materials: Internet tools appearing every day and another places of Europe, which we will see in the future. If somebody would like to add some pictures or a tool, feel free to do it. Write us: bibliotekabol@wp.pl

Our project is an example of wide-ranging use of computer, internet and informatic tools for different interactive student tasks. It is also the result of cooperation and the exchange of experiences between teachers in terms of effective using of Web 2.0 tools in education.

Multilingual webpage, including wide range of free programmes and Web 2.0 tools helpful in teaching, can be a base for teachers from all the world for upcoming years. As new tools will appear, we will be updating our blogs.

We hope that showed by us european attractions will become an inspiration to arrange interesting school trips, unforgetable family holidays and active weekends full of memories. "Experiment" shows, in a form of an animation, changes in our cities through passing months. Everything is documented with the eye of a camera lense.

7.01.2013 - December summary

Christmas time has passed, and with it the time of christmas wishes as well. There is the last element of the "experiment" left. We are waiting for effects. They surely will be stunning.

7.12.2012 – November summary

We ended the game "What is this?". It was a lot of fun. It showed that we know all of the places we discovered and presented in our project really well. Congratulations for everyone, thank you very much. 

Our "experiment" still lasts. We invite you to take photos of our beautiful cities in winter sceneries. The photos will be great. 

7.11.2012 – October summary

Our project is one of MEDEA Awards 2012 Highly Commended!

The 9 finalists for the 2012 Annual MEDEA Awards are known as well as 15 Highly Commended entries . All excellent examples of media-supported learning. The overall winner will be announced during the MEDEA Awards Ceremony which takes place on Wednesday 14th November during the Media & Learning Conference 2011 in Brussels.  

10.10.2012 – September summary

Slovakian and polish Etwinning offices have awarded our project with a Quality Label. We are very glad with the distinction.

We have ended creating our comic book. Feel invited to see it. It's worth it, beacuse the final message is surprising. We are also slowly closing our game "What is that?". Although we are still participate in the experiment.

In October we will be still showing our holiday travels. I invite you also to show beautiful, colorfull autumn. Do you have any interesting photos?

10.09.2012 – Hello after holidays. 

We will continue the project "Travel broadens the mind" until January. After that, our blog will be available and whoever would have something interesting to add, will be free to do it.

Now all of us surely have lots of beatiful holiday photos. Let's show them. I invite you to add them on all of our sites: the blog, TwinSpace and Facebook. As far everything goes perfectly.

Our "experiment" also still lives. We write the comic book and play a game called "What is this?".

5.07.2012 – June summary 

Thanks a lot for everyone for all-year long work. We did a great job. We gathered lots of really interesting and useful information and photographic materials.

So far we showed 93 unusual places of Europe: 23 where a man can greatly relax, 42 worth sightseeing and 28 places which are friendly for children. Mutually we found, checked and used 125 programs, applications and web tools.

Apart from huge work we also had great fun during writing our common comic book, "experiment" and other plays and games, we showed our passions and hobbys, discovered our schools and cities.

I wish you all to have unforgetable holidays, beautiful weather, joy and a lot of impressions during summer trips. Remember about taking photos of new, magical places of Europe. See you in September!

5.06.2012 – May summary

During May we created a lot of interesting works: albums presenting interesting places in Europe, folders and posters. We gathered in one multimedia slideshow all of the Web 2.0 tools discovered by us. We continue our mutual comic book and still play a game called "What is this". A few new quests and quizes appeared too. Check, how much do you remember from our trips.

 May and June are the time of school trips. Thanks to them we can show another interesting and beautiful places of Europe. We also want to encourage you to take photographs of them during holidays. Let's remember to pack a book into your backpack. Let's show your favourite books. Propose them to your friends.   

5.05.2012 -  April summary

During April we discovered interesting, friendly for children places in Europe and we learned more Web 2.0 tools. We slowly begin to summarize our travel. Together we are creating a comic book about searching for The Book of Wisdom and we are playing a game called "What is that?".

In May we will be showing another interesting holiday destination.

Children can also make folders or presentations about known locations. Think also about a new project for the next school year.

5.04.2012 -  March summary

In march we "visited" another interesting and beautiful cities in Europe and we discovered new Web 2.0 tools. We are also about to finish folders promoting places friendly for children. I invite you to upload them on TwinSpace and on the blog.

In April and May we will be showing another interesting holiday destinations, as the holidays are approaching realy fast. Feel also invited to cooperate with creating the comic book about searching for The Book of Wisdom.

It is also the right time to check if we remember places which we are "visiting" together. I invite you to a game called "What is that?"

5.03.2012 -  February summary

In February we changed our blog. Now it looks a lot better. Ivana worked really hard and transfered much materials on TwinSpace. We'd like to thank her very much. Now it'll be maybe easier to involve in the project for all the participants. We'd like to entreat you to activity.

In march we show another parts of Europe, above all those friendly to children. We'll try to create folders of those places - in english and your native language as well. We have time for this until the end of March.

I also have another idea for everyone keen. Next week there will appear a comic on our blog. Together we'll travel across the Europe and search for THE BOOK OF WISDOM. It connects with the title of our project. Details will be revealed soon.

6.02.2012 – January summary. 

We'd like to warmly welcome new participants from Turkey and Portugal. Surely we will cooperate succesfully.

We'll start our "experiment". Students will photograph one, chosen by them, place at the beginning of every month until the end of the project. From every photo everyone will afterwards create an animation which will present changes time caused in this place.

We discovered other interesting places in Europe and new tools.

In February we present another parts of Europe, mainly friendly for children. Let's try to create folders of those places - in english and your native language as well. We have time for this until the end of March.


8.01.2012 – December’s summary. 

Our blog grows rapidly. We are presenting 30 interesting places in Europe, which we have visited and also 56 programmes and Internet tools, which we discovered and now we are using. I hope that every participant will soon join us and it will all get even more interesting. 

In January we continue our tasks from December. We show interesting places to visit during weekends and we end our contest for the best Christmas card. Soon we will start the voting and appoint winners.

5.12.2011  November ended.

Please, groups that didn't do that - add missing materials. Try to do this in December. All of us should actually end introducing their schools and cities, presenting their capital cities and at least one place for vacation. The group from Slovenia is doing very well. Congratulations on interesting materials.

Our tasks for December. We'll show each other interesting places to visit during weekends and also carry out a Christmas card contest. The contest will last until the end of December. On TwinSpace we will create a new section and all of us will upload cards created by children there. They can be made in any way, but have to include regional or national elements. With the beginning of January we will set a voting and choose the winners.

We can also try to animate paintings made by children for example in Microsoft Paint. It can be easily made in a special programme for animating. Examples of such programmes are in our tools.

1.11.2011  First month of our project has passed.

As we have scheduled, in October we introduced ourselves, our schools and cities. I’d like to send big thanks to every group which already did it. I think that other will also do it in the nearest future.

In November we will recall holidays and introduce capital cities of our countries. Each group will present 2-3 places worth visiting during holidays. We can do it on TwinSpace and on the common blog.

Ivana with pupils is doing very well with her national blog: http://travel-broadens-sl.blogspot.com/. It would be great if all of us followed her example. Obviously we can add our own ideas, we’d love to benefit from them.

If you want to, you can also write about your work in the project and entirely about your schools on TwinBlog and a particular section of our mutual blog: What’s going on in our schools? We’ll know each other better and also children will make new contacts. I warmly invite you. Teresa

1.10.2011 - Project schedule

October 2011 - We introduce our selves, our schools and cities.
November 2011 - Holiday's memories, capital of our country.
December - January 2011-12 - Places to visit during weekends, competition for a Christmas cards with the regional theme.
February - March 2012 - Interesting places for children, folder of these places.
April - May 2012 - Proposals for vacations, Animated Easter cards.
June 2012 - "With a book in a backpack" - books that you should take a vacation.
September 2012 - The ending of the comic book "In searchings of The Book of Wisdom".
October 2012 - The continuation of the experiment, holiday recollections.
November 2012 - The end of the game "What is this?", the continuation of the experiment.
December 2012 - Christmas wishes.
January 2013 - The end of the experiment, the summary of the project.