Popplet: http://popplet.com

Popplet Presenter is a desktop application which allows you to view your Popplet presentations offline! With a Popplet, you can collect ideas and then create a bubble map of those ideas. You can now save your Popplets as files on your hard drive, and view, share, and present them with Popplet Presenter without ever having to worry about your internet connection.


Bitstrips: http://www.bitstripsforschools.com/

Bitstrips for Schools is an educational tool that engages students using a Comics! 30 day free trial!

Take the time and effort out of drawing
- Design and dress fully poseable characters
- Give them words, actions and emotions
- Add scenes and props from our growing collection, or import your own images
- Share, remix, collaborate and comment!


JOG THE WEB: http://www.jogtheweb.com

JOG THE WEB is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites. Visual Bookmarking sites allow you to share visually and in an organized fashion, links that you want others to find easily. A place to gather web sites for your students on particular themes or for projects.

Demo: Web 2.0


Only2Clicks: http://www.only2clicks.com/

Only2Clicks – Allows you to build tabs and sort visual bookmarks. You can select to share your categories, or keep them hidden. Organize your frequently visited web sites in tabs. Simply set it as your homepage and you are ready to jump into your favorite links in only 2 clicks.

Demo - Web 2.0 Tools:


Lino: http://en.linoit.com/ 

Lino is an online web sticky note service that can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, and photos anywhere on an online web canvas.


Pixton: http://www.pixton.com/

Want to make amazing comics online and share them instantly? From fully posable characters to dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles, every aspect of a comic can be controlled in an intuitive click-n-drag motion.


Austria - Kitsee

Austria - Kitsee (2nd part Viktorka´s presentation):

Austria - Kitsee

Village Kittsee situated near Bratislava in Slovakia. In addition to historic buildings evidenced by the ethnic composition of the population. Although German is the dominant language, you may hear the Hungarian, Croatian and Serbian language. And recently there is increasing and Slovak-speaking residents and visitors in particular. Today, the border difficult to know otherwise than by road signs. On the Austrian side remains to move several hundred meters long stretch of the first house and board Kittsee
Historical sights:
Remains of a medieval church named after St. Pancratius, only the tower survived after 1529. The original building was erected before 1250. The present-day Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross was built in 1736 (named Church of Our Lady until 1808).
The new Castle (Schloss Kittsee) was built in 1668 by expanding the Grange. Since 1974 it houses an ethnographic museum.


MapVivo: http://mapvivo.com/

Your travel journal. Create your online travel journal, share with friends and explore the world.

How do I enter a location for my photos and media items? Create a new waypoint by double clicking on the map, and then use the ‘Add images’ link to add your images. You can move the waypoint after by dragging it with the mouse if it’s not in the correct location.

Demo: Your travel journal

The application is ended

Germany - Saurierpark in Kleinwelka

Can you imagine what our planet looked like a hundred million years ago? At that time, none of the continents had today’s familiar shapes, and dinosaurs and other reptiles reigned supreme on land, in the sea and in the air.

The life-size models at Saurierpark bring that era back to life. You can meet huge herbivores and look terrifying carnivorous dinosaurs straight in the eye.

Find answers to questions such as: Where did the dinosaurs come from? Why did they die out? And how did such an incredible diversity of species develop? Find answers to questions such as: Where did the dinosaurs come from? Why did they die out? And how did such an incredible diversity of species develop?

Entertaining activities and exciting play areas will make a visit to the Dinosaur Park an unforgettable experience for all the family! (Saurierpark in Kleinwelka)


Incredibox    http://www.incredibox.com/en/#/application

Turn on your spakers and good listening. Music can also record, save and send.

Natan´s demo (you must click on see the composition and start):


This is a privat page, where are usseful tools. Natanael apeared it at home and sent me this page  by email  today :-)

Zefrank:    http://www.zefrank.com/
You must choose Interactive toys - for example "flowers". Natanael drew  this pictures.


Closr.it   http://www.closr.it/

     Very simple sharing your images. It is free.

1. Login or register
2. Upload your image
3. Get your zoomable widget




Beeclip http://www.beeclip.com/

Beeclip is a fun and easy way to create awesome scrapbooks with your photos and videos.
  • Fast, free and easy to use. 
  • Beautiful styles, stickers and effects. 
  • Private, shared, or public. 


Youblisher: http://www.youblisher.com/

Make your pdf documents flippable and quickly loading. It is like touching a real document. Can embed into any website. Just upload Pdf, and your book is made.


Bawimy si


Poland-Pieskowa Skała

Pieskowa Skała is a limestone cliff in the valley of river Prądnik, Poland, best known for its Renaissance castle.  

It is located within the boundaries of the Ojców National Park, 27 km north of Kraków.

It was erected in the first half of the 14th century as part of the chain of fortified castles called Orle Gniazda (Eagles Nests), along the highland plane of the Polish Jura (Polish: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska) extending north-west from Kraków to the city of Częstochowa.


HelloSlide: http://www.helloslide.com

HelloSlide transforms your slides into a rich audiovisual format, recreating the experience of a live lecture. Simply upload your presentation, type the speech for each slide, and HelloSlide automagically generates the audio. HelloSlide gives more exposure to your presentations, making them searchable, editable, and available in 20 different languages.

It's simple to get started:
  • Upload a PDF of your presentation to our website. 
  • Type the speech for each slide using our editor. 
  • Press play to hear your presentation. 

The application is ended

Poland - Gniezno

Gniezno is a city in central-western Poland, is a the first capital of Poland.

Foto: Wikipedia

Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Adalbert is a Gothic cathedral in Gniezno, Poland. The Cathedral is known for its twelfth-century (ca. 1175), two-winged bronze doors decorated with scenes of martyrdom of St. Wojciech and a silver relic coffin of that saint.

Legend of Lech, Czech and Rus According to the Polish version of legends: three brothers Lech, Czech and Rus were exploring the wilderness to find a place to settle. Suddenly they saw a hill with an old oak and an eagle on top. Lech said: this white eagle I will adopt as an emblem of my people, and around this oak I will build my stronghold, and because of the eagle nest. I will call it Gniezno. The other brothers went further on to find a place for their people. Czech went to the South and Rus went to the East.


Prezentit : http://prezentit.com

 Prezentit is a website that lets you create, edit, and show online presentations easily and without downloading or installing anything.

The application is ended


Middlespot: http://middlespot.com/

Create a personal dashboard across all your devices. It's the simplest way to view, read, and watch your documents, photos, links, and videos on all your devices. Organize your dashboard with simple drag, drop, resize and rotate features. Read your documents, watch your videos, browse photos, click through presentations, without ever leaving your dashboard.

Collaborate with colleagues, brainstorm with a student, and create a shared workspace among pupils. Each middlespot dashboard has a personal web address. Share it on facebook, twitter, email, a short URL, and even embedded in your blog or website.

Link: http://midd.me/f0q5


Tripline: http://www.tripline.net/

Tripline is a cool new way to create animated maps that you can post right into your Facebook feed or embed on your site.


Locr: http://www.locr.com/ 

Locate your photos, discover the world and share with friends. Locr offers geo-enhanced photo sharing for mobile phone users and hobby photographers.


Germany - Hildesheim

Hildesheim is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is located about 30 km southeast of Hanover on the banks of the Innerste river.

The historic market place (Marktplatz) was once considered one of the most beautiful market places in the world. It was reconstructed in 1984–1990 in its former splendour, after its destruction in the March 1945 air raid.

The Knochenhaueramtshaus known as a beautiful and fine specimen of half-timbered building. The façade is sumptuously decorated with colorful paintings and German proverbs. Today the building houses a restaurant and the City Museum.