Slovakia - Habakuky in Donovaly

 Entertainment for children and adults in Dobšinský fairytale world!

 All who want to experience the atmosphere of Slovak folk tales we invite to Donovaly in Slovakia. There is fairytale world of writer Dobšinský named Habakuky.  It consists of houses in the style of folk fantasy architecture. There are castle with a lake, an amphitheater and area with more charming houses of different shapes and names: Black cursed city, Hodovňa, Železná hora, Slnečník, house Proroka Raka ...

Visit the fairytale village of Habakuky Donovaly gets you the original atmosphere of Slovak fairy tales. Laktibrada, Popolvár, Zlatá Priadka and other heroes of folk stories, arrange for an authentic experience for the whole family. 

The fabulous world of the true original Habakuky fabulous currency - coins Habakuk (HBK) that you can also take as a souvenir. 


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