Poland - Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland, is located on the Vistula River. It's a major international tourist destination, as well as an important economic hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

 Old Town

Strolling down the streets of the Old Town and New Town allows you to rest from the hustle of central city life. Beautiful alleys, squares, and cosy cafés create an unique sense of history and an unforgetable atmosphere.

Łazienki Królewskie Park-Palace Complex

The park and palace complex at Łazienki are one of the most popular places in the city. The Palace on the Island was built for King Stanislaw August Poniatowski – Poland’s last monarch. It served as his summer residence and now gathers tourists as well as dwellers, which use to come here just to relax.

Wilanów Park - Palace Complex

It was the summer residence of King Jan III Sobieski and then Augustus II. It's an excellent representation of European Baroque. The palace is surrounded by a grandiose, two level Baroque Italian garden and a romantic park in English style.

Palace of Culture and Science

The monumental building was raised in 1955 as a ‘gift from the Soviet people’. It's the embodiment of Socialist Realist architecture. It still remains as the tallest building in Poland and fulfils the role of a cultural centre.

Places related to Fryderyk Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin surely is the best known resident of Warsaw. Here he studied music, learned and gave his first concerts. In the city there are a lot of places dedicated to him. In Warsaw we can find the world’s largest Chopin memorabilia collection.

This is the Warsaw in pictures modified in BeFunky

We made the animation of the symbol of Warsaw - the Mermaid. Drawings done in Paint, and the animations in MyspaceGens.

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