Poland - Santa Claus Park in the Land of Fairy Tales

Once upon a time Santa Claus, during his another journey through the world, visited a small city in southern Poland. As he was an experienced traveler, from far, far away he sensed a magical aura of making nice surprises for people there.

In this way he found himself in Zator, where he found a place to raise a main centre - a beautiful park with great examples of aged trees. The Park can be visited from 20th November 2011 to 20th February 2012.

Only there we can go on an extraordinary journey to a land lighted by over 3 millions of glimmers. During the travel we can visit characters from a dozen or so fairy tales. At the end there is Santa Claus waiting for everyone.

In the Santa Claus parade, which takes place everyday from 13 to 16 o'clock and surely is one of the most interesting Park's attraction, we can find the most popular characters from our favourite fairy tales.

For everyone - big and small - there is also an unforgetable and amazing adventure in the land of virtual dwarf Sylwestrzak.

That are interactive activities using 3D technology gathered in one show. They let us to talk with an interactive character - amusing Sylwestrzak, who talks to us directly from the screen. Sylwestrzak walks, dances, sings on a big screen and will answer all of your questions! Undoubtly it's a great fun for children as well as for adults.

Additional attractions:
  • Santa's Volcano of Forgiveness - to burn out all the bad deeds 
  • Star's Launcher 
  • Santa's Park of Joy - Gaming Room 
  • Santa's Post Office 
  • Funny Train 
  • A fair and small shops with souvenirs and Christmas decorations 

Although added photos are not mine, I found this place very interesting and I think it’s worth to share it with you.

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  1. We would like to go on this fairy tale´s journey... Wonderful!