Poland - Wrocław

Wrocław is a city on the River Oder in southwestern Poland. The city is the provincial capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship.

Places of Interest in Wrocław Old Town

Bernadine Church and Monastery.
A group of religious buildings dating to 1462 built by the Bernadine monks. Today they house the only Museum of Architecture in Poland.

Cathedral of St Mary Magdalene.
Gothic-style cathedral first built in 1330.

Church of Saints Wenceslas, Stanisław and Dorothy.
The church dedicated to the Czech St Wenceslas, the Polish St Stanisśaw and the German St Dorothy was first built in 1351 to forge good relation among the three nations.

Church of St Elizabeth.
One of the biggest churches in Wrocław, located at the Main Market Square.

Royal Palace of Wrocław
The Baroque palace built in 1719 today housing the Ethnographical Museum and Archaeological Museum.

Wrocław Town Hall
Civic building that houses the Historical Museum.

Wroclaw's dwarfs

Wroclaw's dwarfs - this is the name of 115 dwarf figures placed all over Wroclaw - the capital city of our province. They have became without any doubts a city attraction - people organise special trips on dwarf's track. There are also special pamphlets for tourists who want to tour the city and find all the dwarfs.


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