Frydlant Town

Frydlant (Frydlant v Čechách) is a town located in the nothern Czech Republic in the Liberec District of the Liberec Region, 11 km from Polish border and 60 km from Bolesławiec. People of Bolesławiec like to visit this charming land. We can find there beautifuly renovated market place with a historic city hall. Visitors can also see there a main attraction of this region - a stunning Frydlant castle. 

Frydlant Castle

The castle was firstly mentioned in 1278. This complex, composing medieval and renaissance castle, built on a huge, basaltic rock near the Smeda river in Jizera Mountains, is one of the most important historic complexes in Czech Republic.

The castle was opened for tourists in 1801, therefore it became the first museum castle in Middle Europe. 

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