Germany - Lubeka

During trip to Legoland we went sightseeing to a german city Lubeka.

It is one of the biggest baltic ports of Germany. Unfortunately, rainy weather didn't let us fully discover the beautiful city.

The entrance to the city is guarded by two lions made of stone and the Holsten Gate from the second part of 15th century. It is a landmark of Lubeka and a reason of pride for locals.

In the rain we strolled down the streets of Lubeka with characteristic tenements, from a distance admiring tops of cathedrals and churches. We also bought memorial marzipan figures and got in St. Mary's Church.

Our attention was drew by a figure of a devil sitting in front of a church. A legend says that the devil was tricked - he was told that another inn arises. He cheerfully helped building it, so the construction was raising and raising. At last he made out in the situation. As he was about to throw a timber onto an almost ready church, he heard a promise of building an inn right past the church. That inn exists to this day.


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