Fotobabble allows you create and share Talking Photos in three simple steps: 1) Upload a photo, 2) Record your voice, and 3) Share with friends and family.
On the website, simply upload a photo, and then click the record button to record your voice.

You can create:
  • Home-made greeting cards    
  • Talking postcards from your travels    
  • Review products, songs, movies, TV shows, anything!    
  • Citizen journalism: Reporting from the scene of something newsworthy    
  • Enhance an ad on Craigslist or eBay    
  • Enhance your Facebook Fan Page    
  • Provide commentary on a photo found on the web    
  • Promote your brand, products or services    
  • Create contests    
  • Instant photo/voice messaging between iPhones    
  • Narrate the story behind a special photo    
  • Talking Photo Facebook status that plays right in Facebook   
  • Adding a visual element to your poetry or music

 Demo:  The photo from our trip in the ZOO in Prague


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